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AHS Nihongo

A place for AHS members to practice Japanese

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A community for AHS members to practice Japanese with each other

Welcome to the AHS Japanese Blog!

Made because AHS does not have the digital space and abilities to hold a Japanese conversation thread, this community is exclusively for AHS members.

The admin of the community is sugarbasil from AHS (LJ username: orngesodalampst). Any questions or concerns should be directed to her through PM on AHS, or feel free to make a public post about your inquiry. Please only e-mail her if you cannot contact her any other way.

There aren't a lot of rules for posting in this community. I don't want to impose too many rules (let it be a relaxed atmosphere) and I don't really want to "moderate." This shouldn't be that kind of community. Also, most of us who want to practice our Japanese don't really say things that would upset others - or rather, we don't know how. :P

That said, don't be a jerk. Don't be disgusting and don't pick fights with other members. Just because it's in Japanese doesn't mean it's any more excusable. And just as importantly, please understand and respect the skill level of others learning Japanese. Not everyone has lived in Japan and not everyone is still in beginning Japanese, so let's all socialize together at all levels and make everyone feel comfortable. :)

Topics can be absolutely anything from what your day was like to questions on the grammar you learned in class that day. English posts are entirely okay. When posting, it is entirely up to the poster if the want to write in short (informal) or long (formal) form. If you want to practice your keigo, you can do that as well!

Also, when posting, although not necessary, it'd be incredibly helpful for everyone to also include an English translation so that everyone can learn vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, and whatnot. Newer students to Japanese may not always understand what people are saying, so this is an easy way for them to try to pick apart the sentences on their own.

For those who have trouble reading kanji, rikai.com has a very useful plugin that allows you to read definitions when you scroll over kanji.

That's all! Have fun everyone!